School Mangtaa is a versatile and complete end-to-end school management software with precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of educational institutions. Ready for today and tomorrow, web enabled at its core, it provides seamless connectivity with hand held devices for routine tasks.It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics, activity center and so on.

School Mangtaa can be integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics, bar codes , SMS Gateways , GPRS devices as per the schools requirements.

School Mangtaa is supported by a nationwide channel network with trained and efficient after sales services.

The Admission Modules Manages All Information Pertaining To Prospective Students.
This Module Will Handle The Entire Students' Details For All The Time Students Stays In The University.
We Will Develop A Module For Record Keeping System, Which Supports To Manage The Office Documents.
It Will Cover All Necessary Details, Past Data, Rules & Regulation Related To Examination.
This Module Provides A Comprehensive Program To Easily Manage All Information.
Faculty’s Interface Module Supports the Administrator, Teacher, Parent Student Online Community.

SaaS, a Software as a Service provider is a new delivery method and choice available today for K-12 and Higher Education Enterprise Systems. It is a massively scalable, offsite infrastructure accessible on demand across the internet on a pay-per-use basis eliminating upfront investment costs. In this challenging economic environment, enables institutions to drastically reduce their IT costs involved in automating their administrative and academic processes. Thus School Mangtaa is right time for accelerated adoption of SaaS in education institutions of any sizes. Both server compute and storage capacity can be accessed in near real-time, when needed, without waiting for resources to be assembled in an on-premise data center testing. Read More...

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In order to answer your question, I think it makes sense to distinguish between customization and configuration School Mangtaa provides the ability to achieve a great number of user-requested features and functionality through its configuration tools. There are still some areas where customers with more complex requirements might turn to customization. In order to estimate the level of customization for your School Mangtaa, you really need to break down the functionality you want to deliver in the System.Read More...