Examination Module Is Most Important Modules Of System. It Will Cover All Necessary Details, Past Data, Rules & Regulation Related To Examination.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • System Should Store The Data Required To Firm An Examination Panel In Regards to Course Name,Subject Expertise,Curriculum,Details,And Involvement In Other Panel Etc.
  • It Must Keep Track To Changes In Curriculum Effective Year And it Must Be Confirm With The Examination, And Should Include Status Like Old Course, New Course Etc.
  • Supporting Tools To Identify Chairman, Appointment Letter For Chairman, Appointment Letter For Examiners, Paper Submission Forwarding Letter, Instructions For Examiner, An Acceptance Letter Of Examiners.
  • System Should Keep Track For Change In Examiner, Reports Required For Assessment Center, Dummy And Dispatching Details, And Final Remuneration Of Examination.
  • Report Of Continuous Evaluation Components, Mid Term-End Term Evaluation, Letter Grade And Grade Points To Students, Announcement Of Results.
  • Students Performance Analysis.
  • Result Publishing And Maintenance Of Academic Records.
  • Award Of Degree.
  • Grant Utilization Management.
  • Office File System Management.