The Admission Modules Manages All Information Pertaining To Prospective Students.
This Module Will Handle The Entire Students' Details For All The Time Students Stays In The University.
This Module Offers a Comprehensive Control System for Distribution of Information Throughout the Institution.
It Will Cover All Necessary Details, Past Data, Rules & Regulation Related To Examination.
We Will Develop A Module For Record Keeping System, Which Supports To Manage The Office Documents.
Faculty’s Interface Module Supports the Administrator, Teacher, Parent Student Online Community.
This Module Provides A Comprehensive Program To Easily Manage All Information.
It Is a Specialized Facility For Librarians To Manage Books, Journals, Periodicals, CDs & Videos.
System Will Manage The Student Fees Under The Different Heads Like: Tution, library ...
Facilitates Fast Easy Scheduling And Eliminates The Tedious Task Of Manual Scheduling And Tracking.
This Module Streamlines The Diverse Payroll Processes And Benefits An Institution Provides For Its Employees.
The Module Computerizes Any Number Of Schemes And Cashbooks For Any Number of Financial Years.
Transportation System Helps To Manage And Give Transportation Status Like
Smart-Card Readers Will Make Automatic Attendance Entry for (Students, Staff, Visitors)
This Module Will Fully Integrates Room Assignment And Rooms Fee Details With Student Management System.
This module helps u to have a total control over the section of institution which includes purchase, updation, maintenance etc.
This Module Consists Of Two Primary Areas: Alumni Management And Placement for Students
Institute Will Have An Advanced Communication System For The Activities.
This Module Will Handle Academic Profiles, Courses And An Online Interface Between Faculty, Students And Institution.
This Module Contains Academic Profiles, Courses And An Online Interface Between Parent, Faculty And Institution.