This Module Will Handle The Entire Students Details For All The Time Students Stays In The Institute. This System Will Help To Easily Create A Complete Student Profile through Intuitive Interfaces.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • All Contact Information Is Easily Accessible By Those Who Need It.
  • Allow (Admin/Clerk) User To Generate Students Details Based On Semester, Branch (Discipline), Address (eg. City) And Co-Curriculum Activity.
  • Allow Authenticated Users (Not Students) To Generate Reports Like: Personal Info, Academic Info And Other Details Like Examination, Co-Curriculum Activities, And Extra Activities.
  • Medical Profile, Multiple Personal Contacts And Past Academic Information Are Entered And Instantly Available For Administrators And Parents.
  • Disciplinary Incidents Are Tracked And Notifications Can Be Sent Immediately To Parents. Parents, Students And Staff Can Easily Access Students Program Courses, Activities, Grades, Attendance, Rank And All Other Information.
  • Students Can Access Assignments, Textbooks, Exams And Instructional Materials Online, As Well As Interface With Instructors.
  • Students May Also Provide Instructor And Course Assessments, Which May Be Used In Performance Evaluations.
  • Provides Option To Mail Or Email Disciplinary Notification To Parents.
  • Select A Group Of Students By Course Or Grade.
  • Allows For User Defined Disciplinary Rules, Results, Penalties, Types And Letters.
  • Track Date of Infraction, Disciplinary Contact Initiator, Level Of Participation, Rules Violated And Details On Disciplinary Action Taken.
  • Keep Track Of Disciplinary Issues On An Individual And Team Basis.
  • Attendance Monitoring Staff Checks Your Query Of Faculty Who Have (Or Have Not) Submitted Period Attendance Etc.
  • Roll List – Admission Register, Attendance Sheet,Transfer Certificate, Bonafide, Clearance And Other Certificates.