The Timetable Module Helps To Prepare Timetables Rapidly and Easily. It is Practical and Flexible Enough To Implement Existing Policies Of A School. The Objective Is Not Only To Generate The Timetable In Its Entirety But To Assist In Preparing One Quickly.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Maintain Section Wise (Primary/Secondary etc.) Timetable Policies To Specify Timings, Total Number of Periods Per Day/Week/Subject/Standard/Teacher, Recess Timings, Resource Allocation, Continuous Period Assignment Rules etc.
  • Define and Prioritize Your Own Set Of Rules Or Preferences Containing Combinations For Teacher, Standard, Subject, Day, Period Range, Period Type, And Resource etc. To Generate The Timetable.
  • Facility To Quickly Locate And Change Entries In A Generated Timetable.
  • Tracking System For Building Cleaning etc.