School Mangtaa is truly committed to their partner's success. After all, our partners are our in business and in recognition to that we have created the School Mangtaa Partner Program, which specifically supports and delivers superior value, market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities for the partners.

School Mangtaa Partner membership provides:

  • Easy access to On-Site Technology And Solutions.
  • Effective And Efficient Field Engagement.
  • Easy access to programs and resources to help develop and grow your business.
  • Sales will enable our partners to enhance their School Mangtaa ERP knowledge and extend your reach into the market.
  • Get expert help to deploy School Mangtaa.
  • Find a service provider to host and manage your School Mangtaa.
  • Discover partner add-on solutions tailored for your individual business needs.

Together with our best in class partners, School Mangtaa is focused on helping their customers achieve success.

Find the partnership that is suitable for you:

Channel partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering the School Mangtaa platform and services. These partners are strategic to School Mangtaa’s business and together with School Mangtaa.They work to ensure that customers optimize their investment in the School Mangtaa’s platform.

Consultant partners are professional service organizations that have successfully built their own School Mangtaa practice and have expertise and knowhow for advising clients on School Mangtaa. These partners provide business process design, implementation expertise, School Mangtaa best practices and consulting to every size School Mangtaa customer in all industries

Referral partners are a select group of vendors that partner with School Mangtaa and specifically focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for School Mangtaa.